Mathieu De Coster

Plato's multilingual large language models

17 March 2024

Multimodal large language models (MLLMs) can analyze both text and images, suggesting a step towards visual reasoning. They can also generate new data in both modalities, suggesting that they are creative. However, this ability doesn't equate to true artificial general intelligence (AGI). MLLMs, in a way, resemble the prisoners in Plato's allegory of the cave.

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Post-mortem: that time I created a DSL for grading student projects

24 February 2024

In an academic setting, we aim to grade student projects as objectively as possible. In the Master of Computer Science Engineering program at Ghent University, the machine learning course traditionally featured a significant project component contributing to the final grade. Throughout the course, students delivered three interim presentations, each evaluated by three assessors: the professor and two teaching assistants (TAs). To ensure consistency and fairness, we implemented a rubric system where assessors delineated specific criteria. To streamline the assessment process, we automated the process using a custom built tool, which also included a Domain Specific Language (DSL).

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Coming soon: Dag Van De Wetenschap 2023

10 November 2023

My colleagues and I will be presenting my work on video-based sign language dictionary querying as a demo at the Dag Van De Wetenschap in Ghent on November 26th, 2023.

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SLTAT 2023

13 June 2023

I recently attended the eighth edition of the Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology (SLTAT) workshop at ICASSP 2023. The workshop featured talks and presentations from industry and academia on topics ranging from sign language avatars and sign language recognition to data collection.

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Using AI to help people: AIRO's participation in Google's Isolated Sign Language Recognition Challenge

11 May 2023

AIRO recently participated in the Kaggle competition on isolated ASL sign recognition and received a silver medal, securing the 16th position out of 1165 teams! Many thanks to my teammates Joni and Maxim.

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