Mathieu De Coster

Computer Science Engineer - PhD Candidate

Hi! I'm Mathieu. I am a computer science engineer with professional experience in software engineering and deep learning. My interests lie in data science and artificial intelligence, and I am also fascinated by graphics programming. Currently, I am working on intelligent robotic manipulation.

I graduated from Ghent University in 2017. I wrote my master dissertation on generating polyphonic music using deep learning. After working as a software engineer, I enrolled as a PhD student in the IDLab-AIRO research group at Ghent University. My PhD research focused on sign language recognition and translation and it has led to several high impact publications as well as a follow-up valorisation project.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, photography, playing the piano and cooking.

Please have a look around! On my website, you'll find an overview of my scientific publications, as well as my occasionally updated blog. Want to get in touch? You'll find my contact details on here too.